Why the University of Pittsburgh?

Pitt is one of the premier universities that combines academic excellence with an unpretentious culture and an engaging community.  While Pitt students and those native to the 'Burgh are already familiar with these aspects of the school and region, these same outstanding features draw attention from both researchers and potential students alike.

Here are some of the characteristics that make Pitt a great choice...

Academic Excellence:

  • Pitt offers a rigorous and collaborative graduate education that extends beyond the classroom.
  • Faculty are teacher-scholars, experts in their fields and devoted to enabling students to learn.
  • Students collaborate with faculty on research projects at levels more commonly associated with professional research facilities.
  • The Princeton Review named Pitt as a Best Northeastern College and as one of the nation's Best Value Colleges for 2011.

The City of Pittsburgh:

  • Pittsburgh was ranked the most livable city in the country for 2010 by Forbes.  Forbes based its determination on Pittsburgh's art scene, job prospects, safety, and affordability.
  • In 2011, the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit listed Pittsburgh as the "most livable city" in the U.S., based on unemployment, crime, income growth, the cost of living, and artistic and cultural opportunities. 
  • The Princeton Review ranks Pitt #8 in the country for overall "Happiest Students."
  • Pittsburgh's remarkable stability, health care, education, infrastructure, culture, and environment make it a highly desirable choice for higher education students.  This University of Pittsburgh site features some of the wonderful things that this area has to offer.

Engaging Community:

  • The University of Pittsburgh offers a supportive and friendly environment where involvement is irresistible.
  • There are 29 colleges and universities in the surrounding area, easily allowing for joint project work and research experiences.
  • Pitt and the LSAP program attract students who represent a real mosaic of backgrounds--high achievers with diverse interests.
  • The Princeton Review ranks Pitt as #11 in the nation for "Best Quality of Life."  The rating is based on the relationship with the local community, campus safety, the surrounding area, friendliness and happiness of the the student body, and interaction between students.