Anita Schuchardt

Anita Schuchardt has BA in Biological Sciences from Cornell, and a PhD in genetics and development from Columbia University, having published a number of papers on the role of the the c-ret gene on kidney development and mechanisms of spinal cord neural development. She then obtained a teacher certificate from Carlow College and taught high school science for eight years. During her time as a teacher, Anita was the lead developer of a model-based curriculum for high school biology. She also led teacher workshops on this curriculum in several states. 

As part of her research in the LSAP program, Anita is currently developing and studying a model-based biology unit on the topic biological inheritance that incorporate mathematics as a sense-making tool.  Her research examines different forms of integrating mathematics with science, tracing the process from task design to student in class work to learning outcomes. Her second year project found improved student understanding of underlying genetic processes from particular new forms of science-mathematics integration, as well more productive connections between mathematics skills and science understanding to solve complex biological problems.