emily howe

I'm currently a fourth year Ph.D. student in the LSAP program. I decided to get my Ph.D. after teaching high school for 5 years in NYC. As a special educator, I taught all the major subjects with my co-teachers in untracked, inclusion classrooms. It was these experiences that made me realize the immense complexities and tensions that exist in the processes of teaching and learning, even when working within a supportive envrionmnt. My training told me that learning was cognitive, social, and cultural, but I also felt there were deep ethical, epistemic, and political components tha were largely absent in both educational policy and the tools and processes of teacher education. My work is focused on developing better philosophical and empirical understandings around these dimensions of education, teaching, and learning. I hope to help bridge research gaps between education and philosophy literatures as well as between educational researchers and education practitioners. 

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