Lindsay Clare Matsumura

I am an Associate Professor in the Learning Sciences and Policy Program and a Reseach Scientist at the Learning Research and Development Center. My research focuses on improving the quality of reading and writing instruction in urban schools. Specifically, I investigate the effect of school reform initiatives on literacy instruction and students' learning, and the contextual factors (e.g., accountability mandates and leadership practices) that shape the effectiveness of these reforms. My research also focuses on developing measures of instruction and students' text-based writing, and understanding the instructional practices (writing assignment tasks and assessments) that increase students' analytic writing skills. I have received funding for my research from the Institute for Education Sciences, and the Spencer and W.T. Grant Foundations, and my work has appeared in several journals including Learning and Instruction, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Elementary School Journal, Education Policy and Analysis Archives, Journal of Teacher Education and Educational Assessment. I have also written a book for teachers based on my research on writing tasks (Creating High-Quality Classroom Assignments Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group).