Ming-Te Wang

Dr. Ming-Te Wang is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education and Research Scientist of Learning Research & Development Center. He holds joint appointments in the School of Education, Department of Psychology, and Learning Research & Development Center.

Dr. Wang is a developmental psychologist whose research interests focus on child and adolescent development. He received his doctorate in developmental psychology from Harvard University. His current research focuses on 1) the impact of school climate and family socialization on students' motivational beliefs and engagement, 2) the effects of multiple ecological systems on the behavioral, social, and emotional development of youth from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrouns, and 3) the impact of school- and family-based interventions targeting children's academic skills and developmental problems.

His work has been published in a range of leading psychological and educational journals including Child Development, Psychological Science, Developmental Psychology, Journal of Research on Adoelscence, and American Educational Research Journal. He has received research grants from the Spencer Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Health.