Paulette Vincent-Ruz

MADE IN MEXICO. I'm a first-year doctoral student in the Learning Sciences and Policy Ph.D. program at the University of Pittsburgh. I graduated with a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from UNAM in Mexico City. After graduation, I started teaching chemistry at a middle-school. It was then that I became fascinated with how students understood chemical concepts and the misconceptions they had about science. Chemistry is a subject that is not only perceived as difficult, but also chemicals have been labeled as toxic and dangerous, in general. I discovered that I had a bigger passion for sharing the beauty of chemistry than doing it. I realized, the development of scientific literacy skills is a critical educational goal, and my desire to learn how these skills develop in kids brought me here. Scientific literacy skills enable participation in a democratic society and decision-making processes in an informed way. The goal of my research project is to find the critical factors that influence the development of the necessary knowledge and motivation to pursue a science or science-informed career by the end of middle school. 

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